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We are making use of a range of communications vehicles in order to help keep you informed in the ways that you want. The following is a quick guide to the media you can use to follow us:

  • Newsletter: latest news from the clinic.
  • Online booking: make appointments yourself in real time.
  • Blog: tips on caring for your muscles, and using massage as part of your best approach to health.
  • Facebook: fun and informative short articles and links to other valuable sites.
  • Twitter: last-minute openings, and the occasional fun contest with a massage-oriented prize.
  • Website: everything you need to know about who we are, what we can do for you, and where to find us.

Latest blog posts

In this section we share our latest blog posts including: outline effective exercise and self-care tips, highlight a monthly muscle, and profile treatments on our blog. The whole Body Poets team gets involved, and you may even read a poem or two!

Body Poets news

Mon, 03 Sep 2018
How-to: Chin tucks
Two simple sets of exercises to reduce forward head carriage ("text neck"), and keep your jaw, head, neck, and back pain-free! Continue reading

Thu, 10 May 2018
Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada: how does it affect massage therapy?
This article looks at the implications of legal recreational (and medical) cannabis use for massage therapy clients and RMTs. Continue reading

Tue, 24 Apr 2018
Take a hike, low back pain!
Originally posted on Body Poets Massage Therapy:
Muscle of the Month:¬†Quadratus Lumborum – the hip hiker Low back pain: we’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives. That nagging stiffness, inability to move, and dull ache can put…

Sat, 10 Feb 2018
The Thigh Who Loved Me
Originally posted on Body Poets Massage Therapy:
Muscle of the Month: Quadriceps The quadriceps (‘quads’) are the beautiful muscles that make up the fronts of your thighs. They are a group of four muscles that, working together, help flex (bend)…

Tue, 09 Jan 2018
How to: Stretch Pirformis
Originally posted on Body Poets Massage Therapy:
One of the more commonly tight muscles, the piriformis, can be a real pain in your …. well, you know. But stretching it out regularly will help reduce pain and discomfort in your…