Car Accident Recovery

Ottawa car accident recovery at Body Poets Massage Therapy

Motor vehicle injury recovery is an important service at Body Poets Massage Therapy in Ottawa. If you've experienced whiplash, muscle strain, joint sprain, headache, or anxiety from a car accident, our trained RMTs can help in your rehabilitation.

Our clinic is registered as a Service Provider under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Only approved service providers are able to bill insurance companies directly for motor vehicle accidents.

Along with assisting you to obtain maximal physical recovery, massage therapists here at Body Poets will prepare a treatment plan so that your insurance company can help cover the cost of your accident-related massage therapy expenses. Once your plan is approved, we will bill the automotive insurance company directly on your behalf, easing some of your stress and allowing you to focus on healing.

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Click below for our brochure explaining what you should know about motor vehicle injury treatment, insurance, and the forms required, or call us at 613-222-0465 for information. Don't wait to get proper treatment; let us help you get the process started.
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Want to know more about motor vehicle accident injury insurance? The Financial Services Commission of Ontario has developed a "Minor Injury Guideline" that summarizes the typical soft tissue injuries that occur with a motor vehicle accident (MVA), and the coverage available for medical expenses to treat these injuries. Massage therapy treatments are eligible for coverage with an approved treatment plan.

Download the Minor Injury Guideline