Direct Billing for Massage Therapy in Ottawa

Direct billing for massage therapy at Ottawa's Body Poets

Body Poets Massage Therapy is pleased to offer its clients the convenience of direct billing for massage therapy right in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Direct billing means that we send your claim to the insurance company at the time of your massage, and you pay us only the portion that is not covered by your plan. We bill to the following insurance companies:

Ottawa Green Shield Direct Billing

Green Shield direct billing allows for clients with individual or group insurance plans to have fewer out-of-pocket expenses on their visits to massage therapy clinics. Massage therapists can submit your claim online and receive instant verification of your benefits. Plans vary in coverage, so familiarize yourself with your plan and bring your Green Shield insurance card on your first visit. If your plan requires you to have a prescription for massage from your MD, you must have that with you as well. If your plan does not cover the full amount of the treatment you will pay us at the time of your massage for whatever portion is not covered and we will give you a receipt indicating the amount you paid.

Ottawa Great West Life Direct Billing

Great West Life insurance plans are a popular option and allow clients to have part or all of their massage treatment covered immediately by Great West Life. You will need to bring your Great West Life client card with you to your first appointment, along with a copy of your MD’s prescription for massage if your plan requires one. Great West Life direct billing is done online, instantly. Some plans do not cover the full amount or do not allow for online direct billing. For these plans, you will pay us at the time of your massage for what is not covered and you will get a receipt from us stating what amount was not covered by Great West Life.

Ottawa RCMP Direct Billing/Claim Submission

RCMP members enjoy the benefits of Blue Cross coverage, with $4500 in benefits to use towards massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy and TCM acupuncture. With your plan information or R-number and a copy of your MD’s prescription for massage, Body Poets Massage Therapy can submit claims directly to Blue Cross for all massage therapy treatments received at our clinic. Let us know if you are receiving treatment from another health care facility for any of the above mentioned therapies, to ensure that you do not have to pay for massage treatments due to a lack of available benefits. We keep track of benefits used at our clinic, so that you can calculate your total benefits remaining at any given time.

Ottawa Veterans Affairs Canada Direct Billing/Claim Submission

Veterans in the Veterans Affairs Canada Blue Cross program have access to direct billing with our massage clinic. Veterans Affairs clients receive 15 one-hour massage therapy treatments per calendar year. With your K-number and any supporting paperwork that may be needed in your case, we submit claims directly to Blue Cross for your massage therapy sessions, which means no out-of-pocket expense for you. We keep track of your benefit usage, and will inform you when your treatments are coming to a close.

Ottawa Motor Vehicle Accident Direct Billing

For those who have been in a motor vehicle accident and require massage to help with their injuries, Body Poets Massage Therapy is experienced in working within the motor vehicle insurance guidelines in Ontario.

Our clinic is registered as a Service Provider under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Only approved service providers are able to bill insurance companies directly for motor vehicle accidents.

Our therapists are trained to assess, treat, and create a safe and effective treatment plan for your injuries. Our clinic manager is experienced in co-ordinating with insurers to ensure accurate, efficient, and timely approval of your treatment plan. Insurance coverage for minor motor vehicle accident injuries can vary depending on the amount of other treatment required for your healing process. Please review the following brochure to familiarize yourself with the benefits available. Please note that we require full payment from you for any treatments you receive before your plan is approved. Also, if you have extended health care benefits, the insurance company will require you to use these in full before you have access to any insurance money approved for your treatment.

For more information on motor vehicle accident recovery, including our brochure, click here.

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