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How Massage Therapy Helps

For centuries, around the world, people have used massage by trained practitioners to relieve aches and illness.

In Ontario currently, massage therapy is a regulated health care profession: like physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, and 21 other professions, registered massage therapists in Ontario are governed by provincial legislation and a regulatory college (the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario). RMTs are trained in the assessment and treatment of the soft tissue and joints of the body, to improve physical function and to relieve pain.

Here at Body Poets, established in 2004 in downtown Ottawa, we have worked with thousands of clients over the years. We see every day how massage makes a difference in people's lives, and we are eager to share our professional training for prevention, recovery, and maintenance of your healthy body.

But treatment by a professional is only one part of the massage solution. Home care – whether it be self-massage, stretching, strengthening, temperature therapy, or other techniques - is as valuable to your health as is your time on the massage table. We can show you easy and effective home-care approaches, so that the time you spend with us is time well spent.

Join us today at Body Poets Massage Therapy, and see why we believe you're stepping into the circle of care.