Book Online

Online booking is a convenient option we provide to let you see what appointments are available right now, or next month. You can make, change, and cancel your own appointments at any time.

How to get started

To open an account, just click the link on the right of this page. Select 'Register as new user', fill in the required fields, and click 'Sign Up'. You will get an email with your user name (default is your email address) and a randomly generated password.

Log in, and start booking! It's that easy.

What you can do online

While logged in, you can change your username and password, see your past and future appointments, change appointments, and add yourself to the waiting list if the time you want is booked.


If you have questions, or if you prefer to book by phone or by email, please contact us directly. We are always happy to help!

Your email is safe with us

Please note that you won't get other email as a result of signing up for online booking. We won't share your information, and we won't use it ourselves except to contact you about appointments.