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Massage for Recovery and Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain and Gentle Massage

Chronic pain and gentle massage at Body Poets in Ottawa

It's a misconception that deep massage is more effective - light and gentle massage can give even better results.

When you have pain that won't go away, your whole body suffers: your breath is shallow, you have sore muscles because of reduced blood flow, you may have poor digestion with constipation or diarrhea. The same is true with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

In these cases, an intense massage may not be a good idea: it may make things worse by causing your body to overreact to the extra stimuli. Often a gentle massage will help more, by soothing your nervous system so that your body can relax and let all its normal systems kick back in. Typically, people with arthritis, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, and even some mental health concerns, will get better results with a lighter massage. And some people just don't like a deep pressure massage, or don't want a full-body massage.

Neurological conditions may make some muscles constantly cramped, or weak and unable to respond to your brain's messages. Massage often helps by balancing the nervous system, increasing circulation, and improving joint movement, all of which decreases pain. Some of our clients in these circumstances opt for a traditional massage; others stay clothed and sit in a massage chair, or have a stretching and movement session on the massage table; still others choose Thai massage on mats.

In cases where a full massage is not appropriate or is not what you want, we can massage your head, hands, and feet, for a deeply restorative result. In all massages, our therapists are trained to ask about the depth of pressure you like, and to work at the level that's right for your health. Consider booking a regular massage session (these are always tailored to the client), or explore one of these treatments that can be done with light touch: craniosacral therapy, cupping, dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, relaxation, and visceral manipulation.

Scar Rehabilitation

Surgical scars, keloid scars, accident scars, burn scars, and internal scars all benefit from hands-on treatment. It might surprise you how much your movement, comfort, and even in some cases self-esteem can improve with massage. Some of our therapists have specific training and experience in scar treatments, which can incorporate such techniques as acupuncture; cupping; hot compresses, hot stones, or hot wax; lymphatic drainage; deep tissue massage; and visceral manipulation.

Surgical Recovery

Clients who have had surgery often tell us that they were not given any instructions for pre- or post-surgical care. But clients who begin massage treatments to prepare for surgery and who continue massage after their operation often notice better healing, decreased swelling and pain, and a faster return to their daily activities.

As early as two weeks after surgery, massage is an effective healing and monitoring tool. Cupping can be used on scars as soon as the skin is healed, to keep scar tissue mobile and functional. Lymphatic drainage and hot or cold temperature therapy (hydrotherapy) will help reduce swelling and edema. Scar rehabilitation massage helps your surgical scar heal well and stay mobile. Massage therapists are trained to offer home care that compliments any instructions given to you as an outpatient. They can show you practical at-home exercises, including simple lymphatic drainage and hot and cold temperature therapy applications (hydrotherapy) to do yourself, and can answer many questions about what normal healing looks like.

Massage for Ages & Stages

Baby Massage

Ottawa baby massage from Body Poets Massage Therapy

At Body Poets, we have clients from infants to young teens to young adults. Babies and children love massage, and they get a lot of benefit from it. Premature babies grow faster and stronger with massage. Massage helps babies sleep better, relieves colic and gas, and diminishes children's aches from 'growing pains'.

Young athletes, musicians, and computer wizards have better performance when their muscles stay healthy. We treat our youngest clients with the same respect and care as our oldest: clients of every age (or their guardians) have the final say in what is appropriate for them.

If you're an adult with children, consider massage for the whole family! We've had clients schedule 'family days' where everyone gets a treatment. Would you like to learn to massage your own baby or child? Contact us for information on a learning session as part of your massage treatment..

pregnancy massage (pre- and post-natal care)

Ottawa pregnancy massage from Body Poets Massage Therapy

When you're pregnant, your body changes quickly and sometimes in ways that surprise you. Along with the good stuff, clients commonly tell us about neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, hip pain, tired legs, and sore feet. Massage can relieve these, plus it keeps your abdominal muscles and ligaments healthy, can reduce swollen ankles and carpal tunnel symptoms in your wrists, and cuts down on calf cramps. All of this also lets you sleep better! We use specially designed pregnancy cushions to give you a perfectly comfortable experience, and we know how to work effectively with clients at all stages of pregnancy. Finally, craniosacral therapy, cupping, hot stone, and Thai massage can be safely done in all stages of pregnancy, so don't limit yourself...try any of our therapies that appeals to you.

Massage for Seniors

Learn how to massage at Body Poets Massage Therapy in Ottawa

No one is too old (or too young) for a massage. The body changes a bit as it ages, and massage can be even more beneficial for those of us in our senior years than for the younger crowd. Some people get more sedentary as they get older, and massage increases blood flow and joint fluid to keep muscles healthier and decrease arthritis pain. Dry skin and fragile skin can be concerns, and massage using natural oils nourishes the skin.

Digestive complaints, including constipation, can be helped by massage, and so can insomnia. Finally, massage gives you a feeling of overall well-being and keeps you active and engaged in life. Getting on and off a massage table is more difficult for someone with limited mobility; at Body Poets, we have experience working with clients in a variety of positions, including seated in a massage chair and fully clothed, as necessary, so that everyone has access to a comfortable massage.

Other Treatments

Breast Massage

Most people aren't aware of how much muscle tissue is in the chest wall and lying beneath breast tissue. There are various ways massage can help with overall breast health: Some sharp chest pains in the breast area are caused by trigger points in muscles and can be cleared up with massage. Breast swelling and tenderness may happen when lymph fluid in the area gets backed up, and massage can help. When breastfeeding, some women find regular massage allows them be more comfortable. By working around or on breast tissue, we can keep muscles healthy, lymph fluid flowing, and address issues caused by menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, cysts, surgery, and cancer treatments. We work with clients who've had lumpectomy and mastectomy: scar rehabilitation is another way to treat these areas and can be incorporated with breast massage.

Both female and male clients may feel odd about having massage in the breast area. Be assured that you need only uncover as much as you want: your chest can stay completely covered, or you may decide only specific areas will be undraped. We always make sure you are giving us full, informed consent for every massage treatment, and we always stop if you ask us to. Would you like to learn to do your own breast massage as self-care? Contact us for information on a learning session as part of your massage treatment.

Research shows the benefits of essential oils, derived from plants, in reducing stress and improving the health of our skin, nervous system, and energy levels, among others. From babies with colic to adults with insomnia, anxiety, menstrual pains, cravings, or headache, we can be helped to better balance with the natural aromas of a wide variety of plants.

Some of our therapists use essential oils in their treatments. Two stand-bys at our clinic are lavender and Japanese mint oil, and depending on the therapist, a wide variety of oils and even customized blends are available.

Read our blog post about essential oils.

Grief and loss management

Grief is a natural process of healing and managing loss. Whether it’s from the passing of a loved one, a serious injury, or the end of an important relationship, we all experience grief at some point in our life. Grief is an emotional process, but it also can lead to physical effects, such as increased stress levels, changes in blood pressure, and the onset of fatigue.

Massage therapy can be helpful in the management of grief and loss by addressing the physical manifestations such as insomnia, headaches, pain, and stress. By providing a safe, attentive, and comfortable environment, your RMT can provide care and support to you throughout your grieving period.

Lymphatic Drainage

As relaxation, as detoxification, and as treatment for swelling and excess fluid in the body, lymphatic drainage is a perfect treatment. After injury (think ankle sprain), during pregnancy or breastfeeding, after surgery, with some chronic health conditions, and to support your immune system, lymphatic drainage is a powerful technique in a light-touch package. It can reduce muscle spasms, constipation, insomnia, and lethargy, plus fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic fatigue symptoms. Lymphatic drainage is also an easy and effective technique to do at home, and one way to make it a regular part of your home care is with dry skin brushing. We offer lymphatic drainage as a stand-alone treatment (just request it when booking) or as part of a regular massage. Would you like to learn to do lymphatic drainage or dry brushing as self-care? Contact us for information on a learning session as part of your massage treatment.

Myofascial Release

You may have heard of myofascial release, ART, Rolfing, and cupping. These are methods of working with the body's connective tissue, or fascia, for pain relief and better movement. Fascia envelops every bone, muscle fibre, and group of muscles, and it connects the body from head to toe in an intricate network and along some major pathways. When layers of fascia get stuck or restricted, your movement gets limited, posture suffers, and pain builds up. Myofascial release techniques separate layers of fascia and increase blood flow, to decrease pain, improve posture, and increase free movement. Your body feels better and works better. Our therapists are trained in various approaches to myofascial release and in cupping and Thai massage.