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Hot Stone Massage

Ottawa hot stone massage from Body Poets

In Ottawa, hot stone massage has never lost its popularity as a luxurious relaxation experience or a deep tissue massage treatment for muscle relief. Several of our therapists have training and experience in hot stone massage, which can be used for almost every client.

We heat smooth basalt stones to a comfortable degree, then place them strategically along your spine and on your muscles; we also use them as a massage tool. Whether you want to zone out, need stress relief, have sore muscles, or have an injury, hot stone massage may be just right for you.

It is one way to do effective scar rehabilitation, using the heat of the stones to soften scar adhesions. As well, hot stone massage improves circulation, relieves arthritis pain, diminishes anxiety, insomnia, and depression, and is a truly nurturing and pampering experience.

Book with us to discover all the ways hot stone massage can benefit your body and mind. (Same-day appointments are available. We usually need two hours' notice for this treatment, to heat the stones.)