Kate Sonneveld

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Kate Sonneveld, RMT

Kate Sonneveld, RMT

613-222-0465 (office), ksonneveld@bodypoets.com

Focus: Deep tissue; treatment-focused massage; motor vehicle accident recovery; proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF); stretching; pregnancy massage (pre- and post-natal care); stress reduction; relaxation and wellness massage

From a young age, Kate has known that helping people is her calling. As a child she wanted to help anyone experiencing discomfort, and would often give massages to her babysitter. She also spent as much time as possible with her grandmother, who had been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, and they developed a unique bond through long hours together that played a big part in Kate becoming who she is today. The hard-hitting loss of her grandmother when she was eight taught Kate to appreciate life and its small pleasures to their fullest, and to lend a supportive hand when to others whenever she can.

With two parents who are business owners, Kate has always been drawn to an entrepreneurial life. Throughout high school she explored various professions and took automotive classes to learn more about the trades. But she found herself always returning to the idea of massage; eventually, she was given an opportunity to work with a woman who provided chiropractic adjustments to horses, dogs, and their owners. With this insight into how hands-on health care can improve lives, Kate decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. During her intensive professional massage training program, where she thrived in practical classes and clinics, Kate became ever-more convinced that massage therapy was right for her, and her experience since that time has reinforced her love of this career.

Energetic and a problem-solver, Kate enjoys working with people. With each client, she concentrates fully on designing and delivering a treatment that will let them leave feeling better than when they arrived, and will get them back to full function as quickly as possible. Remedial exercise and home-care are an important element of her approach to healing, and Kate believes that a treatment doesn’t end when a client leaves the massage room, but continues as they implement their suggested home-care.

Kate likes spending time with friends and with animals, especially horses, and finds the horse-human bond to be unique. Some of her favourite pastimes include visits to the humane society, visits to museums, playing volleyball, and cooking new and exciting meals. She enjoys reading, and is happy about the rise in popularity of adult colouring books, which she finds to be a relaxing pleasure.

She believes her positive attitude and ability to laugh easily are important to her success. Kate wants every client to feel comfortable in her care, and to know that she will be with them every step of the way as they get back to doing daily activities to their fullest and pain-free.