Katherine Pugliese

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Katherine Pugliese, RMT

Katherine Pugliese, RYT*, RMT

613-222-0465 (office), kpugliese@bodypoets.com

* Registered Yoga Teacher

Focus: TMJ (jaw) massage; whiplash and whiplash-associated disorders; motor vehicle accident injury; headache and migraine; postural and fascial imbalances; constipation and digestive issues; fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue; scar tissue treatments; deep tissue; sports-related and knee injuries; pregnancy and post-natal massage; stress reduction; wellness and relaxation massage; home care and stretching

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Katherine's goal as an RMT is to create a calm and positive environment where each client can feel at ease. She does this by providing a focused treatment with intuitive attention to the individual's needs. Katherine believes teamwork with the client is essential for lasting results: on her part, to identify and treat the source of the discomfort and to advise on appropriate home-care remedies, and on the client's part, to implement those home-care remedies as consistently as possible.

Katherine has always been drawn toward health and wellness. She grew up playing competitive soccer, loving how it allowed her to stay active and to be part of a team. During one tournament, a knee injury in the form of a torn ACL sidelined Katherine and forced her to search for a form of movement that wouldn't bother her knee. She discovered yoga, and has been hooked ever since, completing a 200-hour yoga teacher certification program in Greece in 2013. Her continued search for other forms of natural healing then led her to study massage therapy, where she discovered one of her true passions.

Katherine's own life has changed on many fronts since incorporating the numerous yogic, meditative, and massage techniques she has learned over the years. She believes that sharing these techniques with clients allows them to improve their quality of life by using these tools to reduce stress, increase energy, and feel amazing each day. She loves to keep learning, and her advanced training in treating whiplash injuries has given her another tool for addressing a common reason that people seek massage.

Aside from yoga, Katherine loves any form of movement outdoors, such as hiking and nature walks with her dogs. Being in nature is incredibly grounding and rejuvenating for her. She also spends a significant amount of time singing and writing music on her piano and guitar and playing shows around Ottawa, which keeps her busy! She loves to cook with friends and family, and can often be found in the kitchen coming up with (mostly yummy) vegetarian recipes.