Sarah Million

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Sarah Million, RMT

Sarah Million, RMT

613-222-0465 (office),

Focus: Whiplash and whiplash-associated disorder injuries; motor vehicle accident treatment; nerve mobilization; cupping massage; shoulder injuries; abdominal massage, constipation and digestive issues; pelvic assessment and treatment; deep tissue; massage for seniors; relaxation and wellness massage; pregnancy massage (pre- and post-natal care)

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Sarah Million, RMT, has been massaging people since she was a child, and has no plans to stop any time soon. Longevity in the profession is Sarah's goal, with plans to help her keep practicing for years to come.

Sarah is an academic coach in the massage therapy program of Algonquin College, and a tutor in the Centre for Students With Disabilities, also at Algonquin. She loves both these roles and would like to try her hand at teaching some day. In the meantime, in addition to treating all the aches and pains the human body experiences, Sarah is pursuing her massage-oriented passions, doing additional training in whiplash associated disorder, pelvic assessment and treatment, and nerve mobilization. Nerve mobilizations are techniques used to release adhered, irritated, or compressed nerves to relieve tingling, numbness, and sharp or shooting pain such as sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sarah long ago learned the truth of one of our favourite Body Poets sayings: we are stronger together than we are apart. During her time in Katimavik - a not-for-profit organization that engages young Canadians in volunteer service programs - Sarah and the rest of her 12-person household were each given $6.25 per day for living expenses. By pooling their resources and cooking group meals from scratch, they were able to budget well and to eat generously. Sarah's devotion to wholesome foods made from scratch has endured ever since, and has even featured in her career path.

Besides cooking and her passion for massage, Sarah's favourite pursuits are outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking and she has tried her hand at adventure activities like whitewater rafting and skydiving. Sarah is an avid reader. A native of Stratford, where she was a regular theatre-goer, Sarah has lived in Ottawa for many years. We are happy to have her at Body Poets, with her hands-on skills, her warm personality, and her client-focused approach to treatment. Non-verbal and verbal communications from her clients guide Sarah in every massage, and her compassion, empathy, and easy humour make her a popular therapist.