Tyler Milewski

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Tyler Milewski, RMT

Tyler Milewski, RMT

613-222-0465 (office), tmilewski@bodypoets.com

Focus: Active release technique (ART) - full body; mobility issues; injury recovery; deep tissue; motor vehicle accident recovery; stress reduction; education and remedial exercise

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Tyler Milewski is a massage therapist with a background in martial arts, having trained in Karate since the age of five. He also has interests in music, physics, and chess. His past experience and training have equipped him to treat many different health issues including: soft-tissue injuries, skeletal injuries, neurological conditions, and cardiovascular conditions.

He has a passion for working with people who have considerable and even severe limitation of movement due to stiffness or injury. Additionally, Tyler is effective with circulatory issues such as numbness, and neurological symptoms including sharp and burning sensations of pain.

Tyler works with clients to help them understand their own injuries better, and enjoys giving clients the tools and suggestions that they need to improve their own health. With both acute (very recent) injuries and long-term issues, Tyler draws on a wide variety of treatment methods to identify the most effective techniques from person to person.

Tyler is certified in Active Release Technique, which he has been using for a long time. He also manages injuries using traditional Swedish massage techniques, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, origin and insertion (O+I) technique, trigger point release, reciprocal inhibition, and stretching. At the end of a session, Tyler enjoys carefully choosing appropriate, tailored remedial exercise for the client, and explaining each exercise in a clear and effective way.

One of the aspects of his work that Tyler likes most is to collaborate with athletes to improve their sports performance. For anyone who enjoys sports or martial arts, he is able to recommend individualized insights, suggesting ways of altering movement patterns to improve their athletic capability.