Planning Your Visit

Planning your massage therapy visit to Body Poets

Five things you need to know about massage at Body Poets

  • There's no judgement! We treat you the way each of us wants to be treated. That means we don't judge your appearance, state of health, or treatment goals. We are here to work with you, give you our best advice, and do our utmost to give the massage treatment that's right for you.
  • Come early to fill out your confidential health history form before your first appointment.
  • We protect your privacy: all documentation and treatment notes are confidential between you and your therapist. See our privacy policy for details.
  • It's your massage! We want to keep you safe, happy, and comfortable. You always get to say what is right, including how much pressure we use. You always undress in private, and only to your level of comfort. And if your feet are ticklish or you hate head massage, you only have to say and we will obey.
  • If we think a different type of treatment will be more effective, we will tell you so. We will be happy to refer you to a different health practitioner as required.

Important details for your visit

Appointment timing

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Call or email us at least 24 hours before your appointment starts, or make changes online yourself. We’ve reserved this time for you and it’s hard for us to fill a spot with less than 24 hours’ notice, so we charge the full fee for late cancellations, changes, or missed appointments. Of course if an emergency comes up for you, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. Please note that insurance rules don’t allow us to give an insurance receipt for a missed appointment fee.

If you’re running late, call us at 613-222-0465 and come as soon as you can. Because of our scheduling requirements, your appointment will end at the booked time.


We provide 5 free parking spots for use during your massage – they are marked with Body Poets signs in our lot behind our building. Enter from Kent Street – we are on the west (left) side of the street.

Your appointment

When your appointment starts, you and your therapist will discuss the reason for your massage and what you’d like to accomplish. Your therapist will also do an assessment: asking you to do certain movements to understand your pain or injury and to plan your treatment.

In most cases, this assessment will take 5-10 minutes of your appointment time. If your situation is complex, it may take longer. The remaining appointment time will be spent on the massage, and on any recommendations for remedial exercise.

Remedial exercise or self-care recommendations will take a few minutes at the end of your session, if required.

Payment and receipting

Payment is by cash, cheque, debit, Visa, or MasterCard.

We give insurance receipts for all our treatments, including Thai massage. We are Registered Massage Therapists, and our work is covered by extended health care plans. Your insurance company can tell you exactly how much coverage you have. Some insurance companies will require a doctor’s prescription, which is usually good for one year from the time your physician signs it.

We can bill directly for Blue Cross, Green Shield, RCMP, Veterans Affairs, and motor vehicle accident injury rehab (MVA/HCAI) cases. Proper paperwork is required, so please contact us ahead of time if you want to use direct billing options.

What to wear for Thai massage

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes for Thai massage.

Our thanks

We don’t accept tips, although we do appreciate the gesture. Instead, we happily accept your rebooking and your referrals.